An Attorney That Doesn’t Act Like One

Everyone knows that it is extremely stressful getting sued. I don’t care if it is for one hundred dollars or a million dollars. It is a stressful, uncertain and disheartening experience. It is especially daunting when the opposing side comes at you with all sorts of threats in various formats. Granted, I had a huge fear of attorneys working in the criminal legal field for 15 years. Now dealing with a civil matter I thought I would be paying tens of thousands for little if any benefit. That first couple of weeks were absolutely horrifying!

That all changed when I met A.J. Glassman. I knew that he was a great attorney from the initial consultation. I thought about taking the ‘less experienced, less expensive’ attorney route, where they get you into more trouble and cost you hundreds of times more in the long run. But I also realized, this isn’t a simple case and I needed someone good. A.J. didn’t waste any time. He didn’t even talk about himself during the initial consultation. You know those Mr. Me’s who sell themselves and totally make you feel so small and show little or no concern about your case? A.J. talked about nothing but my case! He put me at ease, talked about the tangibles, the intangibles; the possible outcomes and our desired outcomes. I felt like I was talking to a real person – someone I have known for years – and not just an attorney. He made it easy to trust him because he took my stress away by simply saying, “Let me worry about that, that’s my job now.” The weight was lifted!

My fear obviously was the financial impact however, A.J. put everything and I mean everything on the table. He told me what was worth fighting and what wasn’t. He took every opportunity to save me in litigation issues and court fees. He even told me to feel free to find my own experts, evidence and whatever else I wished to do on my own and gave me an active role in my case.

During the case he never let up. Mind you, the other party was suing me! Yet, almost immediately, A.J. let the opposing party know that he wasn’t playing games. A.J. said, “If we need to go to court, we go to court. If we can avoid court, we avoid court.” Many attorneys are afraid of court and some attorneys love court and hate out of court negotiating. A.J. was clearly eager to do both without compromising his client in any fashion. Working with criminal cases, I know attorneys who are specifically court attorneys and I know there are attorneys who only do out of court negotiations. For A.J. to clearly be confident in both arenas was a tremendous confidence boost.

I am not sure if the opposing law firm said, “I Quit,” or the opposing party realized they were simply outgunned but A.J. was so prepared and so on top of his game that the opposing party WHO WAS SUING ME, realized that they needed to change law firms almost immediately. It got so bad for them that they had no choice but to finally dismiss their case. We were more than prepared. I do not think I could have been more relaxed and confident had I had any other attorney! I also know that my case would probably not have been in my favor had I not had an attorney like A.J. Glassman.

Larry Wright

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